I was lucky enough to learn traditional silversmithing in Budapest where I finished my studies in 2009. Later on I continued learning silver- and goldsmith techniques in Denmark since 2010. I started my jewellery company in my apartment in a corner of my living room in 2017 and later on in this year I was fortunate to find a spot for my jewellery workshop in a big shared studio in the old meatpacking district in the center of Copenhagen. I have been working on my pieces there ever since.

My inspiration comes from everyday aspects of nature like the sun, the sea and water. Something simple and personal that people remember forever. Memories that are both universal and unique at the same time. 

As long as I can remember I have always lived close to water, it has given me a great deal of energy to find new ideas. Often I dream back to the time I swam in the small lake close to where I lived as child and walked home barefoot with friends in the summertime. I guess the memory of my childhood freedom in a small village in Hungary is something from which I can feed my soul and add to my inspiration palette.

All this great nature and art that surrounded me shaped my identity and way of looking at things.

My relation to the shapes and the materials I use for different collections is rooted in my traditional learning of the craft and strong interest in fine art. I like to create balance inside the pieces, either geometrical or an organic interpretation of my inspiration. I also look for balance within contrasting forms and materials.

I believe in the handcraft tradition and the power of handcrafted products. The nature of handmade jewellery is that you will never get two pieces exactly the same - using different techniques that are playful and sometimes unpredictable - ensure that every jewellery piece is truly unique.


My jewellery is created for everyone who believes in timeless  handcrafted jewellery with personality.

Viktoria Borbely

Slagtehusgade 44, 1TH

1715 Copenhagen V


TEL: +45 71 81 70 87



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